• HS 403 Vieno disko šveitimo mašina

HS 403 Vieno disko šveitimo mašina

  • Prekės kodas: HS 403
  • Įrenginys su 300 apsisukimų per minutę, galingu varikliu ir gausybe priedų tinka valyti ir poliruoti įvairių tipų grindų dangas.

  • Robust single-disc machines ‘Made in Germany’ – for over 70 years. For daily, long-term use. 

This machine – with a high-torque, centrally mounted motor – is ideal for economical spray cleaning and polishing in buildings with various surfaces.

The high-speed machine has planetary gearing with three wear-free helical planet gears that distribute the force evenly over the entire working width. That means quite running and easy steering. The maintenance-free planetary gearing and the powerful 1200 W motor are perfectly matched and guarantee high performance at all times and a long service life.

Work safely and with less operator fatigue: includes continuously variable handle grip and a safety button to prevent accidental operation.

The body casings are made from Aluminium.

Large operating range as standard: 12-metre waterproof and kink-proof mains cable.

Flat construction to fit under radiators, pipes and shelves.

The rubber bumper ring protects both the machine and the working environment.

Various accessories available depending on use: tank, sprayer, suction unit with ring for dust-free operation and additional weights for increased surface pressure.

Įtampa: 230 V
Dimensions (WxLxH): 735x490x650 mm
Mains cable, length: 12 m
Noise level: 66 dB(A)
Nominalus svoris (kg): 39 kg
Rated current (total): 470 W
Rotation per minute: 190 U/min.
Šepečių skaičius: 1
Working width: 350 mm
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