KS 51|BM 45 Šlavimo mašina
  • KS 51|BM 45 Šlavimo mašina

KS 51|BM 45 Šlavimo mašina

  • Prekės kodas: KS 51|BM 45


Longer working periods without interruptions: using the overthrow sweeping principle which allows for maximum filling of the waste container with a capacity of 45 litres.

Larger debris can be picked up by activating the bulk waste flap.

Easy to clean filters: the large horizontal flat pleated filter with a filter area of 2 sqm can be cleaned efficiently by using the electrical filter shaker

The mechanical interruption of the suction flow protects the filter from damages when driving over wet areas.

Equipment variations for all eventualities: battery-powered version for all noise-sensitive areas and indoor facilities; batteries of 70 Ah 5 up to 175 Ah 5 for longer operating times of 1.5 up to 3.4 hours.

Polyester filter, brush unit and motor are located apart to protect the traction drive from soiling.

Fatigue-free working: the forward propulsion of the roller brush enables easy manoeuvering, also on inclines or rough surfaces when mechanical drive is switched on.

Area efficiency: 2720 m²/h
Capacity gel: 12 V/ 160 Ah 5
Dimensions (WxLxH): 1260x630x850 mm
Empty weight: 76 kg
Working width: 510 mm
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