• IDV 20 pramoninis vandens siurblys

IDV 20 pramoninis vandens siurblys

  • Prekės kodas: IDV 20
  • Compact and highly manoeuvrable high performance vacuum with outstanding filtration properties for its class. Your ideal partner for many different applications.
  • Large filter cartridge with 3 m2 surface area, dust class M for optimum Filtration.
  • Semi-automatic cleaning of dust cartridge with diverted air flow.
  • A negative pressure indicator means you can check that the vacuum is working properly and indicates possible filter clogging.
  • Two individually switchable bypass mtors.
  • Available in stainless steel and with different filters as otions.
  • Compact, robust and highly mobile, with strong, epoxy-coated steel and non-marking rollers.
  • Information bypass motors:
    With the bypass motor, the suction air flow is not also used to cool the motor. The motor is cooled with a separate air flow. This stops the motor overheating when cleaning hot dusts for example.


    All cleaning requirements involving dust, in construction and building cleaning, in laboratories and workshops, for all types of surface treatment and in food and drink, timber, pharmaceuticals.

Svoris: 30 kg
Išmatavimai (IxPxA) : 500x600x1020 mm
Įtampa: 230 V
Oro srautas max.: 360 M3/h
Rated current (total): 2,3 KW
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