RA 55|B40 grindų valymo mašina 40l

RA 55|B 40 grindų valymo mašina 40l

  • Prekės kodas: RA 55 B 40

The new manoeuvrable all in the 40 litre class deliver the convenience and equipment for long, intensive cleaning work combined with the benefits of easy handling and compact dimensions. Extremely easy to use and configurable for any requirement, they make the efficient cleaning of small and medium sized areas a real pleasure! The diversity of options and the typical columbus features
make professional cleaning more effective - productivity which pays dividends.

Without any compromise:

  • Robust mechanics: reliable operation without downtimes using the mechanical brush unit and squeegee tool lowering system.
  • High brush pressure: best cleaning results, even on extremely dirty floors.
  • Superb suction: the powerful suction motor and the adjustable curved shaped squeegee tool ensure streak-free floors which can be walked on immediately.
  • Whisper noise level: silent equipment as standard for cleaning during business hours and in noise sensitive areas.
  • Fast adjustable guiding bar: for fatigueless and ergonomic work.
  • Intuitive display: clear and functional, easy to use for everybody.
  • Quick Stopp as standard: maximum safety and uncompromising convenience for the user.
  • As close as possible: developed to work right into the corners.

  • Extremely easy to service:
  • Fast and clean at the touch of a button: automatic tool change using the patented brush connection system.
  • Short set-up times: easy access to the chemical dosing system.
  • Hygiene made easy: the dual tank system (including tool free removable cover seal) ensures hygienic cleaning and disinfection according to HACCP standards.
  • Functional and tidy: run-off hose attached securely on the side.
  • Easy maintenance: recovery tank can be tilted laterally for quick access to batteries and motors.
  • Flexible operation: using the on-board charger.

  • Consistent and environmentally friendly:
  • Not too much and not too little: the optional electronic water dosing system supplies precisely the correct volume of cleaning solution.
  • Protects the environment and your wallet: equipped with optional integrated chemical dosing system.
  • Even lower consumption: the special columbus water-stop brushes and the splash guard reduce water and chemical consumption to a minimum.
  • Particularly hygienic: the optional no®BAC version is recommended for all areas with high hygiene requirements.
Išmatavimai (IxPxA) : 1200x550x870
Svoris: 73,5 kg
Įtampa: 24 V
Noise level: 60 dB(A)
Number of batteries: 2
Operating weight: 192 kg (105 Ah 5)
Rated current (total): 950 W
Rotation per minute: 180 U/min.
Šepečių skaičius: 1
Tirpalo talpykla: 40 l
Working width: 550 mm
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