Columbus SX 44 siurblys
  • Columbus SX 44 siurblys

Columbus SX 44 siurblys

  • Prekės kodas: SX 44
  • The top-quality two-level suction motor sucks up dirt particles with 295 mbars of vacuum pressure. The surfaces dry thoroughly and can be used again soon.
  • This model have modular construction so that emptying the tank for dirty water is easy, for thorough cleaning as well as quick and inexpensive maintenance.
  • Robust construction with two separate tanks made of high density polyethylene.
  • Filters and seals can be removed without tools.
  • The tank for the dirty water has a transparent lid allowing inspection of loosened dirt during operation.
  • The light spray extraction machine for small to medium-sized furnished surfaces.
  • The spray pressure of 4 bars enables maximum cleaning performance with minimal water consumption.
  • Series standard: unbreakable adapter for synthetic flooringwith three jets, aluminium spray-suction lance with grip and sturdy 2.5-metre spray-suction hose.
  • Further special attachments round out the standard fittings – such as the Combi floor tool for hard floors

Air flow max.: 45 l/s
Dimensions (WxLxH): 300x420x530 mm
Empty weight: 12 kg
Mains cable, length: 10 m
Rated current (total): 1570 W
Recovery tank: 14 l
Solution tank: 14 l
Working width: 270 mm
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