ARA 85|BM 120 Grindų valymo mašina 120L
  • ARA 85|BM 120 Grindų valymo mašina 120L

ARA 85|BM 120 Grindų valymo mašina 120L

  • Prekės kodas: ARA 85|BM 120
  • The new ARA 85|BM 120 is a highly efficient ride-on scrubber dryer for larger areas. One full tank allows you to clean for two hours without stopping.

    The standard electronic water dosing system allows exact water supply following the needs of different cleaning tasks.

    Efficiency that starts even before the cleaning process: the fastfilling system switches off automatically as soon as the solution tank is full. Brushes and pad holders can be uncoupled and coupled again at the touch of a button.

    Ergonomic design: the long seat is more comfortable for the user, allowing to work more effectively.

    Quick and flexible operation: low access height, cockpit open on both sides and spacious foot area.

    Efficient cleaning with no waiting time: the curved squeegee tool and the powerful suction guarantee streak-free floors that can be walked on straight away.

    Flexible, quick and manoeuvrable: compact dimensions and a small turning circle of 1.95 m allow effective cleaning right up to the edges, even in tight spaces.

    Intelligent and sustainable: cleaning with an optional chemical dosing system that uses only the precise quantity of chemicals required. This leads to better cleaning results and less consumption of chemicals. It helps the environment!

    Safety and clear vision: optimal illumination of the working area thanks to LED front lights. Additional safety is ensured by optional warning lights. The tyre versions can be adjusted
    to specific location requirements and offer maximum comfort.

    Quick and easy: good access to both tanks through large service hatches for health and safety
    checks according to HACCP.

    Optimal machine utilisation: the silent version allows absolutely quiet cleaning even during business hours and in noisesensitive areas.

    Very sustainable thanks to its long lifetime: a robust construction, high-quality replacement parts and perfectionist assembly ensure reliable operation and calculable oncost. 

    Value preservation made easy: service markings and easy access to all areas requiring cleaning simplify day-to-day care of machines.

    DEKRA tested and certified.

    Made in Germany.

Dimensions (WxLxH): 1490 x 880 x 1260 mm
Našumas (m2/h): 5950 m2/h
Noise level: 59 db (A)
Nominalus svoris (kg): 229 kg
Operating weight: 541 kg
Rated current (total): 24 V
Rotation per minute: 180 U/min
Šepečių skaičius: 2
Slėgio jėga: 40 kg
Working width: 850 mm
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